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2016-17 Fantasy Season Outlook: Chicago Blackhawks

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It's that time of year again when fantasy hockey leagues are forming and player rankings are becoming more and more prominent. With the preseason and regular season is fast approaching, it's time to start analyzing the players to see who is worthy of writing, and should be avoided. One of the best ways to analyze the players is to take them in the context of their own NHL team. With this article, a closer look at the Chicago Blackhawks Jersey will help you determine which players are worth a look in fantasy leagues, and players are not.

The Blackhawks have been a dynasty today from the 2010 season despite some of its major transactions derived from salary cap problems. Whether Dustin Byfuglien and Andrew Ladd, or Brandon Saad, or even Teuvo Teräväinen, the Blackhawks have negotiated away players with high ceilings and replaced them with good complementary parts to keep your cup contender status. Players like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and others are well known names. While some might be good choices in fantasy leagues, there are some players definitely worth avoiding, or are cautious in terms of draft position.

Art Ross, Ted Lindsay, and Hart Memorial Trophy winner 2015-16 is a must-own in all fantasy leagues. Few players have the offensive instincts that Patrick Kane, and last year was noticeable when the league in points was a whopping 106 points; the next highest total points were 89 and 85 'captain Jamie Benn and Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby Dallas Stars, respectively.

When Kane was taken with the 1st overall pick in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, the Blackhawks knew they were getting an offensive stud. While Kane has proven to be just that with a stroke of 663 points in 658 games, he found another gear last year, when he scored 46 goals - crushing his previous season high of 30 and surpassing the mark of 100 points.

While Kane can not align with Jonathan Toews regularly, their most common linemates are both very good choices to help reinforce the fantasy value of Kane in his own right. Kane center last season, Artem Anisimov, finished the season with 20 goals and 42 points in 77 games. very respectable figures too Anisimov career averages of not away. Artemi Panarin Jersey, on the contrary, recorded 30 goals and 77 points in 80 games in his rookie season, while the opposite wing flanks Kane last year. While Kane and Panarin remain in a line together, there is no reason to believe that any of the players will drop their impressive total of last season.

Kane also has a set value of strong power, scoring 17 goals with the man-advantage, tied for second with Jamie Benn and behind only Alex Ovechkin, while placing 20 assists, tied for ninth in the league in the 2015-16 season. time power play Kane bodes well for fantasy owners who will take the Buffalo-native with one of the first teams of their respective projects. The longer the ice Kane gets the best, because it is a constant threat to score with each turn.

Each time a player gets a significant time together players with offensive capabilities such as Kane or Panarin of, it is clear that they have at least some fantasy value. When that player scored 20 goals in the 2015-16 regular season and contributed both with the man advantage and penalty killing, it is clear that a certain value becomes even more noteworthy.

In the case of Artem Anisimov, which is one of the most underrated performers in the list of the Blackhawks due to the fact that he has written considerably fewer points than his two linemates last season. What is important to note about Anisimov, however, it is its role in the team. The Blackhawks have spent much of the last half decade trying to find a legitimate, consistent top six Central Toews to join in that regard. Anisimov was acquired in the trade that sent Brandon Saad Columbus, and instant adjustment was made within the Blackhawks top six instantly.

As mentioned, there is no reason to believe that Kane or Panarin will fall of its total points last season which means that Anisimov could be a very strong option in this fantasy season as a result. Anisimov is also a permanent structure in both penalty killing and Blackhawks game drive higher power with Kane and Panarin. With the man-advantage last season, Anisimov scored five goals and five assists. Although outnumbered, Anisimov scored three goals and scored one assist.

It is not common for teams to use a normal line as a unit power play practice, but that is exactly what the Blackhawks do with its two power play units. This is a testament to the skill and chemistry Blackhawks top six has, and is a good sign for fantasy owners of Anisimov, because it means that the Russian striker get a lot of ice time each game.

While Richard Panik is likely to start the season with Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa Jersey, you can not deny the fact that he is the weakest link in that line from a fantasy perspective link. Hossa may have had an off-year because of injuries and age, but his resume speaks for itself. Toews, however, has scored 28 goals in three consecutive seasons and have failed to register less than 24 goals and 54 points in any season in his NHL career (with the exception of the shortened lockout season 2012-13, when he scored 23 goals and 48 points in 47 games).

Panik is not a bad hockey player. In fact, he's a good hockey player. The problem with Panik, however, is his offensive production. In 181 career games, he has scored 25 goals Panik and 47 points (including six goals and eight points in 30 games last season). Those numbers do not reflect that of a top-six extreme rollerblading along two of the best players in the league. While he can do the job of a real hockey sense, it is likely that transmission of drafts this year given its trajectory.

Sleeping Fantasy Artist: Michal Kempny

When Michael Kempny was signed by the Chicago Blackhawks seemed as if once recalled, only one season steal-of-the-century after signing Artemi Panarin. While Kempny remains an unproven in the NHL level, low risk, high production potential reward Kempny product this season is too hard to ignore.

Currently playing in the World Cup of Hockey for the Czech Republic, Kemnpy has made a name for itself as one of the best defenses-Czech born in the world. In 59 games last season KHL, his first in the league, Kempny scored five goals and 21 points. Given the fact that it was his first year in the KHL, those totals are not the worst coming from a defender.

Blackhawks players are always looking for diamond-in-the-rough, or players offers inexpensive to play important complementary roles in the team. Kempny, unlike most players who fit that description, is a 26-year-old with seven years of professional experience. Given the fact that he is not a young rookie, inexperienced, the Blackhawks could look at Kempny from the beginning to assume a larger role with the team out of training camp paper.

Candidate fantasy Rebound: Marian Hossa, RW

Marian Hossa is a good hockey player. With the exception of last season, Hossa has consistently been among the best players in the league, both, and the traditional perspective of fantasy throughout his career. Since he was selected with the 12th overall selection in the 1997 NHL Draft, Hossa has published an impressive 499 goals and 1,089 points in 1,236 games. Only 39 players in history have recorded 500 or more goals, and Hossa is ready to become the 40th man to do it this season. The only active players who have done so are Alex Ovechkin, who scored 525 goals, Jarome Iginla, who scored 611 goals, Jaromir Jagr and who scored 749 goals.

Only 39 players in history have recorded 500 or more goals, and Hossa is ready to become the 40th man to do it this season. The only active players who have done so are Alex Ovechkin, who scored 525 goals, Jarome Iginla, who scored 611 goals, Jaromir Jagr and who scored 749 goals.

It's easy to look at the age of Hossa and feel hesitant when writing this year. Hossa is 37 years old and has played his fair share of games; to go along with his 1,236 regular season games, Hossa has also played in 201 playoff games (including playoffs races in each of the last nine seasons for a total of 146 games). Yes, Hossa had a bad year last year. It is also important to note, however, that was dealing with injuries all season, which limited him to only 64 games.

When speaking of last season while playing for the European team at the World Cup of Hockey, Hossa has this to say:

I'm not sure why it was not as effective as before, he knew exactly, I would be really working on that. But I do not have an answer for that. - Marian Hossa
A bad season in dealing with injuries should not be the rule; that should be the exception to the rule. Of course, it is speculated that Hossa will play a different role because of his age, but good performances born-Slovak end will allow gain more time with Jonathan Toews Jersey in his 18th NHL season.

Hossa has the ability to recover, but being reluctant still a good idea considering the factors in question.

Rookie impact fantasy: Nick Schmaltz

It is not every day that a team can trade a player out with Teuvo Teräväinen potential and have their sitting replacement provisions contrails. For the Chicago Blackhawks, that's just part of the course, especially with leading university Nick Schmaltz ready to join the team this year.

After an impressive two seasons at the University of North Dakota, where Schmaltz put up 16 goals and 72 points in 75 games (including 46 points in 37 games in his final year at school), Schmaltz signed his contract level entry with the Blackhawks. The former general selection 20 of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft has the potential to breakout in a big way as a rumor Blackhawks this year.

While Schmaltz is able to provide the depth of goal, his true claim to fame is its elite playmaking skill. Schmaltz has demonstrated elite passing skills and vision throughout his career, and has the potential to translate its success in college to the NHL level in their first year in the league.

Novices are always a risky game when it comes to fantasy hockey, but Schmaltz could be a legitimate option bed this year as one of the possible candidates break rookies prepared and ready to make an impact.


The only goalkeeper who fantasy owners should consider in preparing for the 2015-16 Blackhawks season is Corey Crawford. This is not a trick Scott Darling, but just a testament to how good Crawford has been throughout his career to this point.

Last season, Crawford played in 58 games (which is right on course with his career average) and compiled a 2.37 goals against average and a .924 save percentage. The native of Chateauguay, Quebec last year also recorded a career-high seven shutouts, showing its ability to reach large when the hawks need it most.

During the last five full seasons, has played in Crawford Crawford is averaging about 58 games per season (not including the shortened lockout season in 2012-13, when he played in 30 games), with an average of 2.38 goals and against. 917 save percentage. His best season, however, occurred during the lockout-shortened above when he played in 30 games and posted a 1.94 goals against average and .926 save percentage with three shutouts season.

With the consistency that way, you can not deny that Crawford is ready to be once again an option elite fantasy hockey this year.

The Blackhawks will be good again this season, as they have been in each of the last seasons in recent history. There is definite value found throughout the lineup, but a competitive team is definitely good to explore drafts for fantasy hockey. The usual, such as Kane, Toews, Keith and Seabrook suspects are good choices for the points, but some additional pieces like Nick Schmaltz, Michal Kempny, and even Brian Campbell could be explored to contribute in fantasy this year.

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