Monday, September 19, 2016

Captain Serious no more: Toews goes beyond the game

jonathan toews jersey

Make way for the captain Clarity. A more transparent and open version of Jonathan Toews.

For if the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks Jersey and Team Canada pillar had its say on ad nauseam hockey issues during the last decade, it has recently started innovating. Not only did Toews join Twitter and Instagram, but he also recorded a couple of podcasts with business / philosopher / athlete Aubrey Marcus during the summer which provided a surprisingly open window into the mind of a man once nicknamed "Captain Serious."

For 90 minutes of conversation (which can be found on the episode 77 of the Aubrey Marcus and Podcast Episode 106 Total human Optimisation), Toews reflected on the factors that led him to pursue hockey to a degree almost unhealthy as a child and how he worked to find more balance since reaching the NHL.

He applied the lessons he learned by studying the stoicism, Buddhist thought and Taoism to things that happened during his career. He talked about his journey to become more empathetic and how it helped him be a better teammate. He even mentioned how his outside interests have resulted in him being twittered like a "tree-hugger" and "hippie" in the locker room Blackhawks.

In short, Toews opened in a way that superstar hockey players rarely do publicly. He asked him to step a little out of his comfort zone, he acknowledged this week in an interview with Sportsnet, but that was part of his motivation to do so.

"This kind of been a fun experience to reach not only social media, but also to get into some kind of forum as (podcasts) where I can discuss many other things on my mind and things I'm interested and things I want to promote, which are part of who I am, "said Toews." It's not exactly like the average hockey interview you used to answer the same questions and that's what people expect. Sometimes if you expose who you really are, you open yourself to criticism and I think it is good for building confidence, too, almost.

"To be open to that."

This was a trip for 28-year-old Winnipeg residents - one that started earlier in his career when he began to focus intently on her diet. This led to a better understanding of the importance of knowing how and where the food we eat is grown, and eventually gave way to an interest in the way of consciousness and human optimization.

Toews now runs in the same circles as other influential people who pursue the same, including Aubrey Marcus, founder supplement and fitness business "Onnit" which he was introduced by Blackhawks teammate Duncan Keith Jersey .

During his appearance on the podcast Marcus, Toews talked about the fine line that had to be made between hockey care without worrying too: "I really think it's a bit of a mind game you have to play with yourself, where you want to be the best you can be and you are OK with yourself pushing the limit. But also when it's time to retire, you are OK with these failures, that it will not bring in your personal life and in your relationships, you're able to kind of difference between them a little. "

His thirst for knowledge often takes her books.

In June, Toews posted a photo Instagram holiday in Europe with four that he took with him on the trip:

• Steven Pressfield The War of Art: Break the blocks and win your Inner Creative Battles.
• Josh Waitzkin Art of Learning: an inner journey for optimum performance.
• David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment.
• Jeff S. Volek and Stephen D. Phinney is the art and science of Low Carbohydrate Performance.

Toews also recently received a new custom copy book Ego Ryan Holiday is the enemy who bore the inscription: "Stay strong, stay humble, stay a student."

Obviously, there is much more to the man than the labels we'll hear thrown its way several times throughout the World Cup this month. The call twice Olympic gold medalist and three-time winner of the Stanley Cup and Team Canada legend does not tell the whole story.

Although it is common to hear athletes discuss their travels as Toews made this summer, it has received positive feedback from peers on the podcast appearances.

"I actually had a lot of support from some guys," he said. "It was cool to see that there's more guys out there listening to this kind of thing."

It quickly became an active presence on social media after waiting a long time to take the plunge. Matt Duchene, a Team Canada teammate, Toews recalls showing some interest in Twitter long before eventually displaying for the first time on 21 February

"He asked me about it there is probably three years," Duchene said. "I told him," Just do it, man. How good it is. It's a good thing. "He waited and waited and waited and then he finally jumped on. "

He now has 160,000 followers on Twitter and another 66,000-plus on Instagram. It considers both as a positive aspect of his life.

Many of his messages during documented his precious time on the lake at home in Manitoba, but he made a conscious effort to give a deeper insight into what it is about.

"I'm not looking to be too cookie cutter and try myself and show people what I do in my free time when I'm having fun," said Minister Toews. "So the things that connect me to my sport and what I do and what makes me better and maybe how you can use these things as well."

None of this will come as a surprise to his teammates, who are used to hearing Toews weigh on issues ranging from the economy to food production, according Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford.

It is, however, a different view for those of us outside - and it is one Toews hopes to continue to provide.

"It's good with that," said Corey Crawford Jersey. "It's not like there is anything controversial. It is something that is very significant and so went in the right direction could change a lot, especially in (the US) and Canada.

"These aspects, these views are simply towards a healthy lifestyle. A healthier way of life."


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