Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blackhawks’ rookie tournament observations


Traverse City, Michigan -. Here are some observations from the St. Louis Blues Chicago Blackhawks' 3-2 loss in the NHL rookie tournament at Center Ice Arena on Friday.

- Black Hawks, drove the possession of the entire game. They had a 34-19 advantage in the shot on goal. They got a bit by two defensive miscues in the late third period. Blackhawks jERSEY goalie Jake Hildenbrand should probably have stopped the blues first goal, but he was also deprived some of the goal.

- Gustav Forsling, there was two things going for him on Friday. One, he was the best player than on the ice. He did a good decision-making, to get the defensive zone outside of the pack, if you know how to create a pimple, is simply configured to there, it slips well. Secondly, he had competed in six games in Sweden in already Friday before the game last month. Almost all of the players is given, it competed in their first game after the off-season, etc. their timing, conditioning, but was looking for, was already up to speed Forsling.

- Luke Johnson as part of the other players left the initial of school to turn professional this season, but has not been received about the same as the hype, he will be able to play. He was active all over the ice the entire Friday game. He found a hole in the middle of the ice, off the shot fired, it has created some of the Black Hawks' best chance by carrying out the pack to attack the zone. He also was effective on the penalty kill on the forecheck.

"He is a good player, coach Ted Dent of" Black Hawks rookie team said. "He has a soft hand. We talked between periods, coach, he is good backhand pass, good backhand flip, has a good backhand shot. he really pack, you can snap a really good quick release and good faceoff. from what we can see here responsible for the defense. Yeah, he might be a little go under the radar, I think intends Rudaro such him a great player. "

- Tyler Mott - Nick Schmaltz - Alex DeBrincat Blackhawks' top line of has created a lot of possession. Line, often through a clean zone, were able to obtain the pack out of the defensive zone, and controlling the entry into the attack zone. They were connected a pass from tape to tape most of the spot. They just did not seem to click the most of the night at the end of the finish. Mott is being pulled by keeper of Black Hawks ", has scored a goal in the final minute. DeBrincat has signed a Forsling in the team-high of four shots on goal.

"They did a good play," Dent told of the line. "I made some great play in the pack. These young man in order to execute when you always they are turning pro one of the things that have been harping on is the shift length. you'd like to take a look at a short shift. If you go short, you also in the penalty kill, you can go 5-to-5 difficult. our shift, got a little in a long time, we are hopefully and talk about it, it will be a better tomorrow in the region. "

- Two defensive miscues has led to the Black Hawks' demise in the third period. Bruce, in forward Jordan Kyrou is one-to-one situation that led to the goal of giving a 2-1 lead to the blues, it slipped past the left side of the Blackhawks defense Robin Norell.

"He was in between of a kind," Dent was talking about Norell. "He hesitated, he went, he was unable to get a pack or body. However, he is usually of sound in these areas so, I'm sure that it does not satisfy him about it. overall, I think he was a pretty good game.

Immediately after that, the Blackhawks defense Carl Dahlstrom committed a turnover in the Blackhawks' end, it becomes immediately to another goal, Bruce, went 3-1 ahead.

"I thought he played a real strong game," Dent told about Dahlstrom. "Unfortunately, the higher you get, the better player, 1 bad sales, is bang , it is located at the back of the net. it's hockey. "

- Black Hawks, he is Bruce is forced to turnover as came out from their defensive zone, then, Roy Radke forwards decided the team's first goal when he shot the wrister from the right yen to the net in the first period you. Radke has played with Johnson and John Dahlstrom on the line.

"I thought he had a really good first period," Dent said. "In his pack, there was around the pack, had a few shots. I he of the line I think that played their last almost the entire period. "

- Alexandre Fortin was the most quiet in the game. He had after several looks at night, but he had a hard time to get the pack most of the game. He co-starred with the line on Radovan Bondra and Graham nuts.

Man such as "Fortin is, do not know what to expect it, perhaps, was his first time in a little nervous this environment," Dent said. "But, he will be able to skate . If he ice gone raging it several times to go to the penalty kill, you can really see his speed. "

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