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World Cup of Hockey Recap: Day one

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Flair flop is a comedic turn in pro wrestling, where the guy takes a huge step that looks like it would knock you out, then you get up, take a few steps ... and then fall flat on your face, apparently allowing the injury sink in.

It was mainly the US team at the start of the round robin tournament. And the man-on-man did it look awkward. And if you were one of the many people who have decided that they would prefer to see the route to the other team in this championship in hockey, this game was amazing.

Period 1
The Americans, of course, play as a team with confidence, but that trust was quickly dashed as Team Europe charged to an early lead as Gaborik made a perfect pass from Frans Nielsen and make the American form of defense is positively ridiculous.

Ish. Not a great view of the US team early, but they had to get that one back right?

they did not at that time. Team Europe held their own, and looked like the role of the two teams came into the tournament with a completely reversed. The team played a strong Europe, their defense is competent and alert in their own end, and when they get the opportunity, they are sure to make their expense. Team USA, while leading in shots, did all of these super low danger, and in all honesty were lucky to get out of this period.

And there is the problem really began.

2nd Period
I can not adequately describe it bad enough, the US defense collapsed during this period. It was fascinating to watch.

The US team completely collapsed more Patrick Kane of the game and are committed to having a great chance for Europeans 2-on-1, that could bury Leon Draisaitl put Europeans to 2-0

It was funny. Especially from a butterfly goalie weaken. But it is a night in the United States. And believe me, it's not getting better. Team USA thought they could get back to the goal, which apparently came in off the shoulder ... and he got called back. Team Europe will be to capitalize on this by creating more chances away the ugly broken pairings US team, and finally, finally the chance to bury away 3-0 turns. Pierre-Eduoard Bellemare received credit for rejection, although work is currently unemployed Erhoff Yannick Hansen made a shot to get to him. From there, the team will hold in Europe in the US stranglehold as they shut down and refused to allow the United States as an account and get any real break from the defensive position. Europe's team survived, kept things slowly and gradually, and did not come out no worse for wear.

third period
The US team tried very hard to score. They did not.

He felt the US team spent the entire period in the European zone of the team, and ultimately get pasted in the defensive effort in Europe and sharp commands game in the Galaxy. They did not have any answer, they tried to bend over backwards to get an answer, but it really seemed that everything was now all the teams in Europe, and they let the last period to escape from them, allowing Team Europe, to get the first win of the tournament.

Czech Republic vs. Canada
Just as in the previous game, I love slowly. Unlike the first game, the favorite awoke and hit their opponent is difficult.

1st Period
The period began, as most games the Czechs eventually plays do: Start strong, attack the network. And they did it with aplomb. Unfortunately, they played in Canada, so you really should not expect to be aggressive will not withstand the crushing force. Especially if you happen to have the best hockey player in the world ... centering Sidney Crosby. Canada took a 1-0 lead in the Crosby put a bullet past Michal Neuvirth after getting beat in the first game of change.

It would only get worse as Brent Burns set the rocket on Neuvirth, that was tipped by none other than Brad Marchand, to expose them to 2-0, and then Patrice Bergeron Patrice Bergeron was .... The premiere of the talent in the world and put your home up 3-0. The Czechs, meanwhile, tried to establish a constant pressure on the red and white, using a long sequence to be in his area, but nothing came of it.

2nd Period
The second period was much slower compared to the 1st, with Czechs played a much more cautious and Canadians are content to continue to press without a large number of high-risk shots to get the 4th goal, which finally got in off Joe Thornton managing real difficult shot to get the goal number 4 for Canada.

Bohemia throughout the period was squeezed to the point where it was 20 minutes as they were shot put Carey Price. Neuvirth got an excellent opportunity to keep the Czechs playing fantastic in the middle of the period, but Toews broke Neuvirth all efforts to make it 5-0 Canada. The rest of the period was ceremonial in nature, as it became obvious that the Czechs were not going to do jack squat against his opponent.

3rd Period
The third period was actually a ceremony at this point. Talent gap Czechs from Canadians made the game so unattainable both sides mostly played on autopilot for the last period, Michal Neuvirth had to save his team completely on several occasions, and the game ended with a score of 6-0 as Petrandzhelo ended up going to the top shelf.

It was kind of pointless, that's what I say. Czechs back to work on Monday, playing Team Europe. Canada, meanwhile, goes against the United States on Tuesday.

Bruins on WCOH:
Zdeno Chara in the composition of the European team played most of his PK minutes and played 22 minutes in total, the third leading defender for this team. He actually played quite well and looked healthy in this game

David Backes for the US team played only 6 minutes, his line was extremely limtied in the US basically spent the entire game on the defensive side of things or try to bend over backwards to score, so let's not worry about what he's doing.

Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron played well for Team Canada, with Bergeron gets a goal and an assist and Brad Marchand getting two transmissions (even if one of them should be absolutely goal) in their game against the Czech Republic

David Pastrňák played limited minutes as the Czech team basically put themselves on the defensive almost all games. He did however, get PP time and was mentioned by Kevin Weekes, as someone to look out for, so that progress?

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